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We install durable sewer pipes at residential and commercial properties

Aqua Services Plumbing Company, LLC provides state-of-the-art sewer lines repair and installation services in Lincolnton and Denver, NC. Whether your pipes are backed up or you need to replace frail and corroded lines, we can help.

Our camera system is specifically designed for scoping out sewer lines. We can take a closer look at your clogged pipes. Connect with Aqua Services Plumbing Company by calling 704-506-5081 today.

3 signs you may need sewer line repairs

3 signs you may need sewer line repairs

Aqua Services Plumbing Company uses camera locator technology to pinpoint problem areas in your sewer lines. You will need sewer line repairs if we find:

  1. Broken or burst lines
  2. Obvious signs of rust
  3. Cracks in the pipes allowing dirt to enter

Call 704-506-5081 now and learn more about our sewer line repair services in Denver and Lincolnton, NC.